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Carpenter Ant Control

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Carpenter ants are responsible for more property damage than any other pest in Michigan, including termites. They often live inside walls without entering the living space of the home, allowing their damage to go undetected for long periods of time. Due to the great need for carpenter ant control service in Michigan, we have developed a program specifically designed to eliminate them. Our carpenter ant protection program not only eliminates the ants currently in your home, it provides a protective barrier to prevent new ants from gaining entry and is backed by our industry-leading written guarantee.

Our Solution

Our carpenter ant protection program begins with a very thorough inspection. We locate all the nest areas both in the home and on the surrounding property. We then treat the perimeter of the building and any nests with a non-repellant product which the ants are unable to detect and avoid. This product doesn’t kill the ants immediately, giving them time to take it back to the nest and spread it throughout the colony. This method allows us to eliminate the entire colony rather than just killing a few individuals that come into contact with the product, as is the case with many traditional treatments. After we eliminate the colony we offer protective perimeter treatments which will prevent a new colony from becoming established in the home. As with all of our pest control services, our carpenter ant control program is backed by our industry-leading written guarantee. If you have any problems with carpenter ants between treatments we will return and retreat the problem at no cost to you.


Carpenter Ant Information

Carpenter ants are one of Michigan’s most common and destructive pests. They can be between 1/4 and 3/4 inch long and are usually black in color. They can also be found in combinations of black and red, black and brown, or light brown. Carpenter ants feed on a wide variety of foods including other insects, honey dew, sweets, grease, fat, and nearly anything people eat. They are primarily nocturnal but can also be seen during the day. Contrary to popular belief, carpenter ants do not eat wood. They do however cause extensive damage to wood by excavating nest galleries. A carpenter ant colony can number in the thousands and have several satellite colonies near by. These satellite colonies work together and are part of one larger colony. They can be found in places like old stumps, fire wood, living trees, fence posts, telephone poles, and in the soil. The queen is most often found in one of the outdoor parts of the colony and she must be eliminated to prevent the colony from reestablishing itself. Carpenter ants can travel long distances in search of food and new nest sites, which makes treating outdoor and indoor sources of the infestation a vital part of our program.

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